Zhouping:"Two Combinations": The Standard of The System of Regional National Autonomy

Time: 2020-08-14    Views:

The National ethnic work Conference is an important working mechanism created by the Communist Party of China in practice to establish the guiding ideology and basic principles of ethnic work at all stages. In his speech at the fourth Central ethnic work Conference held in 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping discussed ethnic work with the thought of the Chinese nation, emphasizing the integrity of the Chinese nation and the status of various ethnic groups in the big family of the Chinese nation. it also puts forward the requirements of adhering to and developing regional ethnic autonomy by adhering to the combination of unity and autonomy and the combination of ethnic and regional factors. Such a "two combinations" with specific connotation is put forward based on the basic relations and basic norms of regional ethnic autonomy, which is a summary of the practical experience of the system of regional ethnic autonomy and embodies the essence of the system of regional ethnic autonomy. It is not only the standard of the system of regional ethnic autonomy, but also the basic follow to adhere to and develop the system of regional national autonomy.