Zhou Ping: The Construction, characteristics and orientation of the knowledge system of ethnic Politics

Time: 2020-07-17    Views:

Today, ethnopolitics has been recognized and its position as a branch of political science has been consolidated. What is particularly gratifying is that ethnopolitics, as a knowledge system of ethnic politics, is the product of the construction and development of political science since China's reform and opening up. It has achieved great development not only in China, but also in China. The establishment and development of ethnic politics expands the research field of politics, enriches the connotation of politics, creates a new growth point for the development of politics, and builds an academic platform for dialogue with the world. it opens a knowledge window for the world to understand China. However, the problems in the construction and development of ethno-political science have become increasingly prominent. On the premise of comprehensively summarizing the discipline construction and development since China's reform and opening up, it is necessary and timely to reflect on the knowledge construction and discipline development of ethnopolitics, clarify some basic problems in the process of knowledge production, and calibrate the direction of discipline development.