Huang Qingji: On the ability of countries to deal with the Competition of other countries

Time: 2020-05-26    Views:

In the anarchic international system, countries, as autonomous political entities, will not stop competing with each other, but will only be carried out in higher-level and more complex scenarios. The process in which countries deal with the competition of other countries is a process of competing with each other's abilities. The ability of a country to cope with competition from other countries exists in a systematic way. This paper makes an in-depth analysis of the composition and growth limits of countries' ability to cope with competition from other countries in an anarchic international system, and reveals the basic rationality that countries should have to avoid strategic miscalculation in the increasingly fierce global competition. The article holds that countries that can move towards the center of the international stage and stay in the center of the international stage for a long time are countries that have the ability to cope with the overall competition of other countries and achieve sustained overall capacity growth more effectively than other countries. Understanding the key variables that support countries to cope with the competitiveness and capacity growth of other countries is an important and necessary theoretical premise to rationally study the strategic positioning of countries in the international system and to establish a practical approach to achieve strategic goals.