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Zhouping:"Two Combinations": The Standard of The System of Regional National Autonomy

Time: 2020-08-14    Views:

Recently, the 14th issue of Xinhua Digest in 2020 reproduced the research results of Professor Zhou Ping in our college, "two combinations": the standard of the system of regional national autonomy. This article was originally published in the 3rd issue of Social Science Research in 2020.

In "two combinations": the Standard of the system of Regional ethnic Autonomy, Professor Zhou Ping pointed out that on the occasion of the founding of the People's Republic of China, in order to properly handle domestic ethnic relations, the Communist Party of China abandoned the consideration of national self-determination and federalism and adopted the policy of regional ethnic autonomy and defined it as a state system. This system of regional national autonomy, implemented under the premise of national unity, is constructed in the relationship between "unity" and "autonomy".

After the establishment of the system of regional ethnic autonomy, the relationship between ethnic factors and regional factors in ethnic autonomous areas has been highlighted, and has been properly dealt with through the corresponding mechanism. As a result, the relationship between unity and autonomy, ethnic factors and regional factors has become the two pairs of basic relations in the system of regional national autonomy. Historical experience shows that the system of regional ethnic autonomy is affected by a variety of factors and deviates in the relationship between the two pairs, so that there is always the possibility of problems or even destruction of regional ethnic autonomy.

Therefore, putting forward the "two combinations" from the point of view of the overall consideration of national governance is not only a summary of historical experience, but also a highlight of the nature of the system, which provides a basic compliance for adhering to and developing the system of regional ethnic autonomy. As the research result of our institute's "Research Base for casting the consciousness of the Chinese Nation Community", this achievement will further promote the base's in-depth study of the problems of the Chinese nation.

Since 2020, Xinhua Digest has reprinted the research results of our hospital several times. The reprint of Professor Zhou Ping's thesis shows that Xinhua Digest continues to pay close attention to and fully affirms the political science research of Yunnan University and the construction of the research base of Chinese national community consciousness.