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Professor Wang Wenguang was Invited to Give an Academic Lecture in Our Institute

Time: 2020-06-29    Views:

On the afternoon of June 23, 2020, the first lecture of the 2020 series of academic lectures by the Institute of National Politics of Yunnan University and the Research Base for the Consciousness of the Chinese Nation Community was held in the lecture hall on the third floor of the biology hall of Donglu campus as scheduled. Professor Wang Wenguang, a special professor of Yunnan University, was invited to give a lecture entitled "several basic issues in the study of the formation and Development History of the consciousness of the Chinese Nation Community". Professor Huang Qingji, Professor Lu Qingchun, Professor Cheng Zhongxing and other base researchers and graduate students of the class of 2019 attended the lecture. The lecture was presided over by Professor Huang Qingji.

Professor Wang Wenguang pointed out that based on the theoretical construction of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the core is still to discuss the community consciousness of the Chinese nation and the development of the modern Chinese country. This requires multi-disciplinary cooperation, summing up the internal driving force of the formation and development of the Chinese nation's community consciousness from different aspects and dimensions, explaining and answering the historical basis, practical needs and future necessity of shaping the Chinese nation's community consciousness. Different scholars can combine their own academic strengths to carry out case studies based on regional, ethnic and ethnic work practices, so as to promote the in-depth study of the consciousness of the Chinese nation's community.


In the interactive link, focusing on the direction and path of shaping the consciousness of the Chinese national community, how to write a consultation report combined with relevant topics, and how to accurately grasp the research objects and research methods, base researchers and doctoral students asked Professor Wang Wenguang for advice. Professor Wang Wenguang gave detailed and in-depth answers to your questions.

After the interaction, Professor Huang Qingji summarized the contents of the lecture. First of all, he thanked Professor Wang Wenguang for his wonderful explanation and his attention and support to the research base. It is believed that Professor Wang Wenguang has opened many deep-seated research topics for everyone in this lecture, which has greatly expanded everyone's research horizons. As a result, Professor Huang Qingji hopes that the researchers of the base will further pay attention to practical problems, enhance the depth of history, expand the breadth of vision, focus on more topics, and quickly produce important research results.