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Research results of Professor Zhou Ping published in Chinese Social Sciences

Time: 2020-05-26    Views:

Professor Zhou Ping's original achievement, "the basic social and political mechanism of the modern country-- based on the perspective of national analysis", was published in the third issue of Chinese Social Sciences in 2020.

Professor Zhou Ping's achievement is through the stable population community referred to as "nation" formed by population nationalization and national integration in the historical process of western society, and after the transfer of national sovereignty from the monarch to the national (nation) and the construction of the nation-state (nation-state) through the political revolution, the nation becomes a national community in the form of the state. It also contains the mechanisms such as population nationalization and national integration in itself, and then makes such a mechanism further enrich and perfect the process through the framework of the national system, clarifies the interactive relationship between the nation and the modern state, and draws the conclusion that the nation is the basic social and political mechanism of the modern state. On this basis, through the analysis of the new problems arising from the impact of "multi-ethnic" on the national structure in western countries under the background of globalization, it highlights the basic significance of the national mechanism to the modern country and modern society. it also puts forward the deep-seated problems of strengthening the national construction, and makes an academic response to the basic problems involved in the construction of the Chinese nation.

The original achievement of such a basic theoretical study of political science is based on the historical investigation of the transformation from a traditional state to a modern state and the construction and operation of a modern state. this paper reveals a series of mechanisms such as population nationalization and national integration contained in the nation and their basic significance to the modern state, thus making a new explanation to the operating mechanism, national ethics and evolution law of the modern state. It effectively expands the political science's understanding of the nation-state and the nation. It is worth pointing out that the new achievement of this basic theoretical study of political science is obtained from the perspective of ethnic politics, which not only highlights the unique value of the study of ethnic politics, but also opens up a new space for the study of ethnic politics.

This achievement is published in the national high-end journal and is of great significance to the development of the Institute of ethnic Politics and the discipline of political science in our university. The Institute of ethnic Politics is established on the basis of ethnic politics founded by Professor Zhou Ping, and it is the concentrated embodiment of the discipline characteristics of political science in our university. After being selected into the first batch of "cast-solid Research bases for the Awareness of the Chinese Nation Community" by the four ministries and commissions of the CPC Central Committee, the academy relies on the above original achievements and the academic framework provided, and makes an in-depth study of the form, structure, mechanism, and evolution law of the Chinese nation community from the perspective of political science, and will achieve more influential innovative achievements. To make new and greater contributions to the development of political science, frontier governance and geopolitics in our university.