Invitation letter to the academic symposium on "Major theoretical and practical problems in the building of the Community of the Chinese Nation"

Time: 2020-05-25    Views:

In September 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the Central ethnic work Conference and the sixth National National Unity and Progress commendation Conference of the State Council, "to strengthen the great unity of the Chinese nation, the long-term and fundamental thing is to strengthen cultural identity, build a spiritual home shared by all ethnic groups, and actively cultivate the sense of community of the Chinese nation." Since then, many well-known scholars in Chinese academic circles have carried out extremely useful knowledge exploration based on the characteristics of their respective disciplines around the construction of the Chinese national community. At present, proceeding from the strategic needs of the rise of the country and national rejuvenation, continue to expand the study of major theoretical and practical issues in the construction of the Chinese nation's community from a multi-disciplinary and multi-perspective, no matter for the grand goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way in our country, it is of great and practical significance to further promote the development of various undertakings in the field of ethnic work.

In the face of the historical mission entrusted by the times to scholars of different disciplines in the field of social sciences, the Institute of ethnic Politics and Frontier Governance of Yunnan University and the editorial Department of the ideological Front, the high-end forum on "Major theoretical and practical issues in the Construction of the Chinese National Community" to be held at Yunnan University (Donglu Campus) on December 10-11, 2016. Colleagues in the academic circles are cordially invited to go to Kunming to participate in the great plan of building the Chinese nation's community in the new era!