Notice of soliciting historical materials and clues of political discipline

Time: 2020-05-25    Views:

The Department of Politics of Yunnan University was founded in 1925 and has gone through a glorious course of 93 years. To sort out the history of the development of the discipline is not only to review the way forward, but also to look forward to the future. In order to serve the "double first-class" discipline construction of political science in Yunnan University, according to the arrangement of discipline construction, the collation and research of the development history of political science has been officially launched since November 2017. The work is undertaken by Dr. Duan Xin, a new teacher in the Department of political Science and the History Department of Tsinghua University. The purpose of the work is to collect relevant historical materials about the discipline of political science, and to make a complete and detailed carding and description of the history of the development of the discipline. On this basis, it summarizes the pulse of study, style of study and historical experience of the development of political science in Yunnan University, which provides useful historical experience for the construction of first-class discipline of political science and the planning of discipline development in the future.

At present, the collection of subject historical materials is carried out in two directions: one is the excavation and arrangement of archival historical materials, and the other is the collection of oral historical materials of living old teachers and family friends. After five months of efforts, this work has achieved preliminary results: in terms of archives and historical materials, 1279 volumes of school history archives have been consulted, from which more than 270pieces of political science-related files and more than 20 frames of photos have been screened out. In terms of oral historical materials, seven retired teachers and department friends, including Ma Xiaoyuan, Han Hong, Guo Wenqing, Shi Shilong, Ma Zhengming, Xu Shuyu, and Dong Jimei, were interviewed successively, leaving precious audio-visual materials for these elderly seniors, but also collected a number of historical documents and certificates from them. In addition, through the search of online and offline platforms such as secondhand book stalls, used book websites and auction items trading networks, we have also acquired several works and manuscripts of well-known professors in the political Department of Yunnan University during the period of the People's Republic of China. It has accumulated valuable physical collections for the construction of the showroom of the history of discipline development in the future.

According to the scheduled work plan, the collection of oral historical materials will be completed within 2018, and will be collated and published as a book "Oral Historical data Series of political Science of Yunnan University". At the same time, the book "Yunnan University political Science Historical Materials Series, Archives and Historical Materials", which is compiled and edited by archival historical materials, will also be completed within this year. At that time, the research on the history of political science in Yunnan University will have a relatively solid data foundation, which will not only serve the teaching and research of this discipline, but also facilitate the research of pedagogy, history and other related disciplines.

We sincerely invite the broad masses of teachers, students and friends of the Department of political Science to pay attention to our work, and sincerely welcome the vast number of alumni, especially the predecessors of the political Department during the period of the People's Republic of China, to provide us with materials and clues to help us do a better job in sorting out the history of the discipline.

If you are willing to tell us about the history of discipline development you have witnessed, or are willing to donate or borrow and print relevant documents and cultural relics, please contact the office of the political Science Department of our college for specific matters.