Postdoctoral recruitment notice for teachers in 2018

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With a long history and distinctive characteristics, Yunnan University is the backbone discipline of the first-class discipline group of "frontier governance and geopolitics" supported by the construction of "first-class universities" of Yunnan University. it has established two independent academic brands of national politics and border governance, which enjoy a high degree of recognition, and formed a relatively complete national and regional country research system along the "Belt and Road Initiative" route in China. A unique study of peripheral diplomacy and energy politics has been carried out.

In recent years, the discipline has won 6 major projects of the National Social Science Fund, 3 major research / commissioned projects of the Ministry of Education, and 2 first prize of the National Achievement Award of Humanities and Social Sciences in Colleges and Universities. Two achievements have been identified by the National Social Science Planning Office as "landmark achievements" and "excellent achievements" of the major projects of the National Social Science Fund, and two works have been selected into the "National Achievement Library". A number of research achievements have been affirmed by the central leadership and incorporated into the national decision-making. Won 1 national second prize for teaching achievements and 2 special prizes for teaching achievements in Yunnan Province.

Under the new situation of the construction of first-class universities, in order to make full use of the mobile station platform to train reserve talents and promote the construction of political science and the first-class discipline group of "Frontier Governance and Geopolitics", according to the relevant policies of the state and Yunnan Province and the interim measures for postdoctoral Management of Teachers of Yunnan University, and through the study of the personnel Department of the school and the postdoctoral station of political science, it is decided to recruit teachers and postdoctoral researchers. Outbound personnel are selected to join Yunnan University.